Electric milk frother great for mixing anything you drink

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Is there such a thing as a “premium” frother? Somewhere between these cheap-ish 2xAA battery ones and a plug-in plunge blender.

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“…because everyone in the family uses it every day - to froth milk, make cocoa, make matcha, mix butter into coffee, and blend foul-tasting powdered herbs and supplements into water…”

Your family continues to be very different to mine. You say you use this sort of thing every day. We don’t even have one, and if we did I can’t think of a single thing we’d use it for. Nothing out of your list, that’s for sure. I froth milk with our espresso machine, the kids make cocoa with a spoon, we don’t drink matcha, we don’t mix butter into our coffee, nor do we drink foul tasting powdered herbs or supplements.

Yup… I got this one: WMF Lineo Milk Frother. I use it everyday as well.

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yow, 90 clams - that’s more than plunge blender - i see it heats, but i don’t think i’ll get CFO approval

I have 20 of them strapped together with ducktape; 4 on the outer edge have razor blades tied to the little spinner thingee. Everyone in my family uses them to make smoothies.

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So do these only last for 3 months?


I admire your inventiveness. Razor blades? Seriously? What are you making smoothies out of, gerbils?


Ok, bit of clarification here. AMAZON isn’t selling IKEA stuff yet, it’s third party sellers selling IKEA stuff piecemeal through Amazon Marketplace.

I was really hoping to order 12 Billy bookcases with glass doors and a dinette table set and see what happens when they get delivered to the office in my condo.

totally get you, but he did say “dropped… broke” - or maybe it walked into a door - so clumsy

I was just being extra sure because some fruits and vegetables are harder than others - carrots, apples…

Ya know… I own a 250 dollar coffee grinder. I can’t say a thing about your frother other than… nice!!

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I also have no clue. A couple weeks back, I figured out my French Press had gone missing. Weird how that happens. Seriously, I lose all kinds of stuff, and I have no idea how any of it turns up again even at a 30% rate!


I saw a set of frother and French Press at Target (p. Tar-jee) for $14 on discount, and I am back in business. But now I have no idea what to do with the frother.

My SO prefers anything highly sugared and creamed (heathen!) and I prefer the stuff black, or super-lightly sugared and creamed. Cappucino is nice, but too much work.

What’s a body to do with extra hardware?

“I had this thing. It broke. I bought another one just like it” is definitely the kind of content I come to boingboing for.

If you look at the linked amazon page, you will find such a thing. A stand make things premium.

I use mine for mixing drinks and blending home made viniagrette - super handy because usually you only make a few tablespoons worth of the stuff at a time so the container is too small for a whisk, and a spoon doesn’t cut it for mixing an emulsion.

also, Amazon is taking a HUGE profit here. These things are like $1.49 at IKEA

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