Why you should write your screenplay with Final Draft 10


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Do you die a little bit inside when you write this long of a shill post?



Use Scrivener instead. Final Draft is overpriced and user hostile.


the best boingboingshop posts have a J Peterman feel.


“The studios believe that it’s very hard to sell original screenplay ideas that are not based on original intellectual properties,” said Cantillon, the former Sony exec. “If you’re going to hit a global home run, then you’re not going to be able to do that with an original screenplay.”
Specs are often “too American,” she said, for overseas audiences in need of less homespun, or personal stories.

The future lies in stories like


Or Fade-In Pro.


Why use Final Draft when you can use Fade In Pro, which is much cheaper, provides frequent free updates, does everything you need it to and more (I think it does everything that FD does? could be wrong), doesn’t crash like FD, and exports to FD format?


Yes, but is it free software? If not, nobody should use it for any other reason than for supporting the creation of a free and better alternative. Nobody should use proprietary software for any purpose.


The OCD part of my personality won’t let me write preliminary drafts with something called Final Draft.


Why you should write your screenplay with Final Draft 10

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Paul Thomas Anderson uses Microsoft Word.


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