Watch a Hollywood screenwriter write a scene from scratch in 7 minutes

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I thought the process usually involves more cocaine.


Damnnnn, this was awesome! Thanks for sharing this. I don’t write screenplays, but I am a writer so it was fun to see how her method actually parallels my own in a lot of ways.


I just assumed they used TV Tropes random trope button. :grinning:


May I submit a screenplay for the comments section?


I’m starting to understand why so many action movies sound they were written in 7 minutes on a dare.


They can’t all be “Inception”. As the big-screen fare becomes more focused on blockbusters, a lot of the less hacky writers have moved to serialised prestige TV where the showrunners demand more than the typical big-budget feature film producer does.

An interesting article today on the wider topic from Matt Zoller Seitz:


Depends on the budget.

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Is that Final Draft? I thought the UI was more cluttered than that, but maybe the new version has a cleaner look?

That pretty much covers everything that is wrong with modern screenwriting way up now.

It would be interesting to see a video of someone who actually has a story to tell who is not just making up nonsense that sounds cool to them as they go along.

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Oh come on. She wasn’t working on a personal project or an open assignment for a studio. It was just an example arranged by Vanity Fair to give people a sense of what writing and revising from notes can be like. You know movies aren’t really made like this, right? I don’t know how you could be confused by this.


The entire process of telling a story is “making up nonsense that sounds cool to them as they go along.” That’s where stories come from.


That was really excellent. I love watching people who are good at their job, work.

It kind of makes me want to blow the dust of my text editor and write something.


So, in the future, people line up to… donate protein? At the place where all the protein is stored?

Do I want to know what this means?


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That was great! I would love to see more videos of screenwriters at work.

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