Wife trolls husband for a month with Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill"

Reboings are not “Ironic.”


There’s nothing new under the Sun.


Funny, I always thought “You Oughta Know” lyrics were more of an ex-husband theme… :thinking:


That is what she’s singing… Jagged Little Pill was the album that You Oughta Know was on…


More like “confronting the guy who groomed, abused and exploited me” theme.


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I might be missing a shit ton of context here, but a relationship like that seems kind of fraught?

Unless they’re both in on the gag for the clicks? I can’t tell.


Entirely possible. Could also be that he gives as good as he gets, but just hasn’t recorded and posted it. It might just be part of the dynamic of the relationship?


No jury on Earth would convict.


Sounds like the kind of shit i do on reg, regardless if its just me or if there’s other people around

I’d bet on this. These days it’s better to coordinate your surprise/anger videos for maximum effect.


Far worse possibility - she didn’t stop in 2018, but continued to do it for another two years. (I kid - there’s no way the marriage would survive that.)


I seem to recall it was commonly referred to as “The Ex-Girlfriend Song” when it was fresh.

I do think it’s a good song. And that’s even though I actually got it mailed to me on a cassette tape by my ex-girlfriend. She was very mad that my new girlfriend demanded fidelity from me (from her, now, that turned out to be different), and that I complied. The ex had her own problems: we were supposed to be “safe” when we “played out,” but I later learned… well, never mind. Let’s just say what’s good for the gander ought to be good for the goose, but it never quite was with either woman. All my fault somehow, ostensibly.

The song was kind of a breath of fresh air at the time, musically. I liked the album. Even though it got into the wrong case somehow and I accidentally put it in the deck in class instead of the Spanish I was supposed to be teaching. That got more laughs than anything I did that term. All the kids were like “ex-girlfriend, huh?”

I’m now going on twenty-one years married to someone who is not either one of those women. Who also doesn’t like Alanis Morissette. I find I can accept her strange fascinations with Bjork and Regina Spektor just fine.


Perhaps she is unaware that the bird is indeed the word? I’m not suggesting fighting fire with fire here but he could go full Peter Griffin and retaliate with “Surfing Bird” by The Trashmen. Or, better yet, “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen as you don’t even need to learn the lyrics…


Is there any context for this passive-aggressive behaviour? Is he having an affair? Is she trying to drive him out? She seems too humorous about it for that, though. If she just thinks “it’s funny”, I suspect she’s going to find out down the road that it really wasn’t.


She is the owner of a time machine and knows for a fact that they are divorced in 2 years. Working only with that limited information, she got her “last licks” in over the course of the time leading up to the divorce, not knowing that her contempt and teasing were the cause of the “inevitable” divorce.


I think the choice of troll song could be better.

I suggest “Photograph” by Nickelback.


She would develop a crippling fear of photo albums.


I cannot imagine being in a relationship with someone that horrid.


If she’s really doing that to bug him, and it’s not something planned in order to get a viral video out of it, that would be extremely annoying.

So as a unicorn chaser of sorts, here’s a young woman singing the song quite well on the Voice of Holland (a vocal competition/reality show) season 10.

I’ve started doing something similar to my wife with “We Built This City (On Rock and Roll).” Most recently, I sent her a video from our car as it was playing. She says she hates me, but that’s showbiz, baby. :slight_smile:

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