Wild footage shows wind-blasted passengers grip their seats when man opens plane door mid-flight (video)

There seems to be an upsurge in people trying to get off the plane events.

  • The ones inflight usually end up strapped securely.
  • On the ground, they trigger the inflatable ramp.
  • This guy picked the moment when the plane was still flying, but it was possible to get the door open.


Yeah, it’s more of a commentary on the human condition (myself included) rather than this particular person. Maybe he has a mental illness, maybe he had terrible judgment, maybe he was monumentally stupid, but that’s all of us at various times and to various degrees. I don’t see myself ever doing anything THIS irrational, but I’m a dumb flawed meat robot all the same.

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I hope nobody there had asthma or any serious cardio-pulmonary issues. That wind might have taken my breath away for a while.


I remember hearing or reading Justin Theroux describing his ADHD-type childhood behavior issues as, like, the first time he would know about his inappropriate impulses was when he was acting on them. He said he once threw a brick at a taxi and had started crying even before it hit the car.

Obviously the ethics of this are fraught, especially with adults, but it rang true in terms of how people’s minds work. I think we’ve all tried to use our house keys at ATMs etc., because we’re sort of loose collections of impulses, which are mostly coordinated, but can sometimes fire out of sequence.

I can think of a few times when I’ve seen essentially normal people do things as inexplicable (albeit not as consequential) as this. And air travel puts people in a pretty abnormal headspace.


Police said the man confessed to opening the door but would not say why he did it.

A man who opened an emergency exit on a flight in mid-air felt “suffocated” and wanted to get off quickly, South Korean police have said.


And someone felt the need to video while the airplane is depressurizing. I’m hoping they were just so chill after they got their mask, and helped others get their masks on that they got bored and whipped out their phone. Otherwise, uhh…yeah…

Masks don’t deploy below 10,000 feet. Also the passenger may have been filming already, we dont know.


There is always a good chance that the memory chip will survive, giving the agency that will investigate the crash additional data to work with.

Yeah, no, I don’t think I want to take off my seatbelt



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Yes, but the context of what Joe Snell and Andrea Sachs wrote sounds much like issues caused by the wind, not so much how many people had pre-existing issues that were doubly impacted by the wind. There’s no distinction in the article between the two. :man_shrugging:

ETA: No criticism of the writing…the reporters were likely working with what they had. I just wanted to know more.

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