Will people on the street drink raw eggs like Rocky Balboa?


I drink them floating on orange juice.

General US statistics say there’s about 1 chance in 20,000 of getting salmonella from a raw egg. It’s pretty correlated with batches of eggs, so either none of the people who take you up on it will get it, or a bunch of them will.

If you’ve got an accurate enough cooking thermometer, you can pasteurize the eggs yourself - put them in hot water at N degrees for M minutes (I think it was 160 and 10, but you need to check, or you’ll end up with soft-boiled or not-actually-pasteurized eggs.)

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I’ve also read - here, I think - that industrial egg farms use a washing method that makes the eggs much more susceptible. But hey, I’m no scientist…

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I don’t worry much about it. I’ve been OK when literally dozens of people who ate the same food I did (undercooked chicken) were grievously stricken with salmonella. I probably have a decent tolerance, if you can have such a thing.

I’ve occasionally felt like I wanted to die from food poisoning (I cannot recommend the Fisherman’s Platter at Legal Seafood in the Logan Airport) but I always recovered… I’m more likely to get shot by a cop or killed in an accident than die of food poisoning, despite my fondness for raw beef and raw eggs.

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You can eliminate the risk entirely by adding a cup of glyphosate to the raw egg.


Did you get that tip from the Food Babe?

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It’s legit – I fact checked it with Mercola and Infowars.


I did this the morning after seeing the original Rocky - granted I was only 12 at the time, and once was enough!

Rob is a smart man. St Paddy’s day levels of alcohol will kill anything in the gut.

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I would always have failed the food challenge on Fear Factor. No risk that I will ever willingly slurp down a raw egg. In fact, you could probably extract info from me more readily with raw eggs than with water-boarding.

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I’m surprised nobody else brought up:

I was trying to explain the greatness of Cockerham to cousin when he visited last week. Pranks, cookie investigations (How Much Is Inside?) and serious things, like his investigation of Herbalife and vacuum cleaner sales tactics.


What’s she doing? Hmmmm…

For the lightning round, they should do like the episode of “Jackass” where they chugged horse semen.

What? No really, egg, sperm, what’s the difference, it’s all slimy gametes.

Do you have any idea how many horse ova it takes to make a decent omelette? The semen is just easier to get…

Not me, brother. I’ve seen enough Doctor Who to know to avoid eating a temporal paradox. Which came first, after all?

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