Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan are teaming up for I Am Legend 2

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Oh … OK then, good for them :+1:


I had the exact question. Thought for a second that it’s going to be like Aliens 4.


… that doesn’t seem like something writers should be saying out loud unless the company they work for owns both properties :grimacing:


As far as i recall there has been word of a sequel being pitched for a while now, so I’m not surprised but it’s just not something I’m interested in. Good luck to everyone involved though


The ending they used completely missed the point of the original story, which was that from the perspective of the infected the main character was the terrifying monster who spent his days kidnapping and murdering helpless zombies.

Even the TITLE of the story refers to the protagonist’s belated realization that he’s actually the bad guy.


Yeah, but in the movie even with the alternate ending they really didn’t do a good job of conveying that. It’s so much clearer in the original story, where he actually is able to end up communicating with some of them.


Hopefully the producers will factor in enough time and money to give the CGI artists time to create some more believable special effects.


A sequel to the movie where the best actor, a dog, died?



It’s to soon for Will Smith’s comeback.

I clearly know nothing about the alternate ending or the original story. For me, the first movie was “meh” to begin with, and I have no interest in a sequel with Slappy McBrewster. The only interesting bits were the thought experiment CGI around “what would New York look like after it’s been abandoned for X number of years?” But I dig shows like Life After People which covers similar ground.


I recently re-watched the TV series “Friday Night Lights”. I totally forgot that Michael B. Jordan played one of the characters. It’s been fun to see his career take off in the years since then.

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TL;DR version:

The movie is the latest Hollywood adaptation of a novel about a lone human survivor of a global pandemic that killed most people and turned the rest into vampire-like creatures. In this story, the protagonist eventually learns that the vampires he hunted by day weren’t all the mindless monsters he assumed them to be; many are fully sapient members of an emerging new society. The title comes from the protagonist’s bemused dying realization that this new society will likely share legends of the monstrous day-walker just as our society shared legends of monstrous vampires.

The original version of the Will Smith movie makes a nod to this source material when his character realizes the infected people attacking his home are just trying to rescue the young woman he abducted for medical experimentation (especially since his experiments have already killed a number of others). Understanding this, he lets her go and the infected leave.

This ending was deemed unacceptable to the studio because peaceful coexistence with one’s enemies is less cinematic than blowing them the fuck up.

Hollywood has taken a few stabs at this story already, but the 1964 Vincent Price movie The Last Man on Earth was probably the adaptation that stuck closest to the source material.


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I Am Robot 1 wasn’t all that great, IMO.

I’ll pass…


Instead, they should adapt Colson Whitehead’s novel, Zone One.

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