Will the MCU finally get Doctor Doom right?



Hasn’t Squirrel Girl bested him on multiple occasions?

Pretty sure Moon Girl could outmaneuver him as well. She’s the smartest there is :smiley:


I got annoyed at the different versions of what happened to Doom in the first place. Hideously scarred, so wears a mask, then built the suit? Actually turned into a cyborg thing that “talks” to machines? Never cared for the latter.

I’m very fond of the recent twist where Reed restores Doom to health.

Yes, but I think she also beat Galacticus, so he’s not really on her level.


I think the Robot Chicken sketch is the most plausible backstory.


He followed the Joker’s lead on that one.


I’ve often wondered if the difficulty is the approach is backwards. That is, the movies make the FF and the “bad guy”. They clash.

What if we get the MCU Iron Man movie, but with Doom instead? Show his childhood, college with friends, his loves, then things happen, he shows his loss and isolation, and then clashes with the “good guys”. That gives the character the motivation that’s missing along with the internalized conflict he’s experiencing.

Heck, let him plunder and use the current MCU for people and places to enhance his suit, magic to use, and powerful enemies to align with.

Sure, maybe the FF gets created along the way and helps with the ending battle. Make FF the second movie in the series, showing how they’re more powerful together.

I don’t know. Maybe that’s a mishmash of Magneto, Joker (“one bad day”), and others.

If there’s an origin story where we feel bad for Doom and understand motivations, instead of a compare/contrast with the Family Four, he would be more compelling on screen.

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