Will the world's hottest pepper keep mice and rats away?


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How about Vienna Sausages or oil paint.


Rat’s don’t give a rat’s . . . well, you know.


Yum! You know when tubes of oil paint have been stored in places with rodents, because you see rainbow droppings before uncovering the chewed up tubes.
I’m surprised by the peppers, though - I thought only birds and insects were unaffected.


So you might say they Don’t Fear the Reaper?


I tried using cayenne powder to keep squirrels away from my bird feeder. They didn’t eat the spicy birdseed, but they did trash the feeder and scatter the birdseed all over the ground in retaliation.


This is my system on glitter…



A long time ago I tried pepper spraying my fence to keep my dog from chewing it up. It worked briefly, but then he seemed to develop a taste for it.

Clove oil might have worked, but I can’t stand that stuff either.

Pro tip: check the wind direction before using pepper spray.


Ooo! How about an oil painting of Vienna sausages?




We had a dog that we tried to discipline with cayenne water.
He ate the sprayer.


The Vienna Sausage-in-Chief.


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