Willie Nelson launching a personally-branded strain of marijuana



Ah, but will it be as good as Tommy Chong’s First Harvest Whole Plant Extract Spray?

pretty soon it’s all going to be whining about how Big Willie and Big Bob (Marley) have a corner on the legal market…


Willie Nelson is a god damn national treasure.


I really think he missed the mark in naming. “Red Headed Stranger” is a way cooler name for a weed strain. Checking on Leafly indicates it’s available for naming.


Disagree! I’d say he’s a world’s treasure


Treasure? He obviously wants our children to be addicted to heroin and overdose and die and then rob liquor stores and your mother! Why haven’t we seen his birth certificate?


He could have called it “No Shit, Shirlock”.

“Willie Weed”

What could possible be wrong with that?

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“Willie Weed” is actually the name of the weekly cannabis column in one of my city’s local free newspapers(Willamette Week). Just struck me funny.


That is “funny”…

The duet with Merle Haggard is cheeky, but made me wonder whether there’s been a Renaissance of high-end recording studios in Colorado. Would seem like a timely idea.

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We really need a more consumer-friendly word for this stuff. “Marijuana” and “cannabis” have strong negative connotations and hardly trip off the tongue, and on the other side “weed” is the friendliest of the slang terms and still sounds pretty sketchy.

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It’s got to be tricky for marijuana businesses operating in both Washington and Colorado, since there’s no legal way for them to transport merchandise and materials between states. I’m assuming Willie’s stuff will be developed in one place or the other, and then seeds will be quietly transported.

Soylent Willie? Love the song.

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Hemp flowers.

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Sounds good to me.

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