Willpower as a rechargeable battery


I’m sure this idea is old hat to those whose job it is to impair our judgement deliberately, in favour of their brand of impulse purchase. I’ve long wanted to join some kind of lifestyle cooperative to push back against this sort of thing, and use this science for my own interests.

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People who used to work from home will become lost in constantly reorganizing their shelves.

What are you trying to say?

It’s not always worth it: trying to objectively identify the best flavor of chewing gum at the checkout takes an inordinate amount of mental resources. As one who is perpetually agonizing over optimizable minutiae, sometimes it is good to let go and say “oooooh! Orange Ultra Burst seems to promise excitement!”

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In practice, living in such a cooperative means you never have to set foot in such places, or if you do, it’s once a month and you only have money to buy what’s on the list. That works wonders for self control.


It’s too bad that enormous aftermarket battery packs don’t seem to be available.


It’s called “crystal meth”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where does the rechargeable battery come in? The research documents ego depletion, but said nothing about ego replenishment. As far as we can tell from this piece, willpower is more like a disposable carbon battery. Though I’d love to see a group of ego depleted people given various kinds of strokes and then be tempted with cookies.


Maybe it’s the lack of methylation; but I’ve found amphetamines to be of essentially zero use with respect to willpower. You are more likely to focus intensely on some more or less arbitrary distraction, rather than toy idly with it; but that’s the (rather unhelpful) extent of it.

(On a largely unrelated matter, isn’t Mordin Solus a really bad example in the above article? His whole story arc is him struggling with the psychological aftermath of working on a potentially-justified-but-arguably-monstrous biological warfare program. )


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