Willy Wonka dialogue as a sax and drum jazz duet


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/09/willy-wonka-dialogue-as-a-sax.html

Watch this bizarre Komputer Tutor supercut of the phrase "floppy diskette"

Gah! What happens NEXT!!! It’s so DRUMATIC! And saxy.


He needs to find another player. It would be funny to do each voice with a different instrument.


This is beautiful!


I found I really preferred the original with just drum and the dialogue.

The sax is really only doing the same thing the dialogue was doing in the first place, so it seems redundant. Maybe something like piano that doesn’t sound so “human” would work better.


I’d love to hear a similar treatment with a dramatic reading of Dr. Seuss’ Happy Birthday to You. For some reason the tumbling rhymes in that book are just itching to be rolled with some music.


We neeed a mashup with Mononeon: https://youtu.be/Al2KOuzG1BQ


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