'Wind River' and Harvey Weinstein's broken promise to Native women and children in Indian Country


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Promised royalties from the movie ‘Wind River’ never made it to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center.




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Dear Harvey, just take your money and go live on an island or something.


Let me guess, he gave them a percentage of the net didn’t he?


Rockall is getting really overcrowded now. Anyone else got some suggestions for similar places where we can put them?



Interesting illustration of unintended side effect


If the only people there are the ones we exile there then i, for one, have no problem with it being somewhat crowded. If it gets beyond the population density of Kowloon at its peak, then i’ll worry.


Yet another broken promise
given to Native Americans,
who are, in my view, the only
“Real Americans”.
It’s shameful…yet expected.

(and shameful that is IS EXPECTED)


Is there an island on the north coast of Siberia called Fuckoff?


No-one lives there except for seabirds. Fulmars know how to deal with the people who we will be sending there.

That would only be 46000 people

There’s Novaya Zemlya, where the Soviet Union used to test it’s nuclear weapons. Is that close enough?


Oh, we absolutely can’t inflict them on those poor birds.

Now there’s the island for them.


How many more chapters need to be added to “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”?


How about the Kerguelen Islands?


This can’t be right. Weinstein is known for treating women well, right?


I thought there was Rockall there…

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