Spitting armadillos have given leprosy to 9 people in Florida


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I find it amazing that there are any wild animals left in America.(Other than the heavily armed ones).


There is an awful lot of the US, and most of the population lives in towns. Also, I believe hunting and gun ownership are both gradually dying out - which is why the gun makers spend so much funding the NRA.

Here in the very urbanised UK we actually have a deer crisis - there are not enough people willing to cull them and they are becoming a major nuisance (damaging woods and forests, not just colliding with cars.) And one of my kids, living in London, had a family of foxes living under the garden shed. There are species that cannot adapt and are dying out - but others profit from our presence.


Smooth on the inside, crunchy on the outside!


At least Hansen’s is pretty easily treatable in the industrialized world.


check the local US newspaper comments sections


Oh thank goodness the disease was contracted by eating them. I pictured being chased down the highway by a leprotic Armadillo angrily spitting it’s infection and was not sure I’d be sleeping tonight.


They don’t chase you down highways, but they DO jump out of trees wearing clown costumes. Sweet dreams! :stuck_out_tongue:


Armadillos aren’t so bad. At least they always let you keep the tip.


Unfortunately, this is Florida we’re talking about.


Which means “the government’s trying to tell me what to do regarding armadillos? Fuck you!!!” isn’t far off (considering the guy in the other story who raged out over the fact that people were protecting turtle nests).


Oh, there are plenty of places in the United States where there are more wild animals than humans.


A single day! A single day without being slandered by the outrageous Florida shaming that infests these threads like the spittle from a diseased armadillo!! Is that too much to ask! A single day???

Oh, the humanity!!!


Just say “Zotz!”, and you can get away.



I think the headline is messed up; shouldn’t it read “9 spitting Floridians give armadillos leprosy.”?


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