Texas gentleman shot by bullet that ricocheted off armadillo


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My favorite kind of “human shoots animal for no good reason” story.


Armored dildo?
only in Texas


This is my demand to the government of Texas - deliver to me in the next 24 hours 1 Billion dollars or I will release 1 Billion Armadillos into your state triggering a genocide of epic proportions after which my Albino Ninjas will skydrop into your state’s denuded metropoli and ransack your many financial institutions. You have been warned.


Yo El Chapo buddy.You can have Texas. We don’t want it any more.


It’d be a real shame if he got face-leprosy from the armadillo he attempted to exterminate.


Um, why did he need to shoot it?


to stop it from going North obviously.


Plenty of Texans could benefit by having their jaws wired shut.


Is Donald Trump from Texas?


I’ll bet it was a handgun too.

If you’re an idiot who can’t refrain from firing on the local fauna, particularly the armoured varieties (armadillo, alligator), please use some larger, slower caliber fired from a handgun that you bought for it’s “stopping power” so that the round will bounce off and hit you in the face.

It’s possible he was using the proper tool… but not as possible as it is that he wasn’t.

And if do have a legit reason to shoot an armoured creature, use a 22LR with a rifle. Better chance of boring and if it does bounce off it’s probably because your angle is such that it’ll bounce away from you anyway. Whatever you do, use -some- kinda rifle, not a handgun or shotgun.


But we could ship him there cheap enough.


he didn’t need to, he wanted to.


Makes me wish lions had hard shells.


Good Gravy! Why do you Texans have to shoot everything you see!


Haha. Country folk.


not all of us are idiots. as with florida, the idiots here can be so colorful they get the press that the more stable of us don’t. i understand the press when they do this though. after all, when you stub a toe your first thought is generally not about the nine toes that don’t hurt :wink:


Seems rather unlikely. Needs to get a myth busting treatment.

Until then I will just assume that the man was not hit by a ricochet, but by an unlikely stray bullet from another gentleman doing a Yosemite Sam tribute.


I’ve shot a lot of shit and there ain’t no way anything but a BB is gonna ricochet off a Diller (Cept maby Phillis)


This is kind of how I feel about the family of skunks that hang out in my back yard.