Windows 10 versions announced



Every time Microsoft develops a new version of Windows, people hope that there will be fewer variants and sub-versions than before.

Every time, those hopes are dashed.


Meh. Nobody seems to actually care that much. IT buyers know the story, power users know the story, and consumers generally buy the computer with whatever’s on it to start with.

All told, the code-once approach to the Win10 AppModel, and the tools to let you re-use all your Android and iOS code are a huge move away from the Microsoft we used to know and hate. Not to mention the same tooling lets you take your Windows code and move it over to iOS, Android and Linux.

Let’s just hope Mr. Nadela isn’t at the ‘Embrace’ stage of the standard Microsoft plan.



The abundance of BYOD…

Don’t you mean BSOD?

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Why does this article even exist? For the regular user there are effectively two versions, Home and Pro. Everything is mostly irrelevant. The only confusing bits are the enterprise and educational SKUs, but they don’t bring anything new really. The rest of the versions no one is going to buy directly. Your Xbox is going to have its Windows version installed on it, your phone too, you don’t have to upgrade those / license them. IoT is really just for Embedded or Compact systems, not really for the average user either.

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It exists so someone could take a slap at Windows. Again.

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