Windows 93: weird online sim of an OS that never existed



Buy Windows 95, Dances With Wolves and Myst in this vaporwave classic

Pony Jockey!!!


That is a lot of intensity.


I like the bush-league canvas resizing flaw on Lenna.png. Didn’t someone from G4/TechTV get burned by that mistake once? Thankfully I don’t think the world went too crazy over it.






I like the MacOS speech control panel icon the most, closely followed by Dora (Explorer).


PNGs in 1993? I don’t think so!

(maybe i’m taking this too literally)


I tried to get the different viruses to fight. It didn’t really work.

(The startup sound is from the PlayStation 1, in case anyone else was wondering.)


You can see all the source code for this under the documents, and if you type a non-existent site into cat explorer and then click index you can run this site withing the browser of this site. lots of coolness hidden in all the corners that is easy to flush out when you can see the code within the simulation itself. you can even edit the code, but there is no way to save alas. I’d love to be able to sandbox hack the code.


Playing solitaire 'til dawn
With a deck of fifty-one…

They seem to have thought of everything. Pointless, yet somehow glorious too…



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