Windows 95 startup sound slowed 4000%

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To better match the play time to Win 95’s boot time?


Unsurprising that you hear the influence of Brian Eno. He wrote the original Windows 95 startup sound.


Darn you! I was gonna make a Brian Eno ambient music joke but you beat me to it.


I know what this calls for.

EDIT: No likes? Maybe it’s not loading for anyone. Probably too late now.
A whole song made using and repeating the pre-installed sound files from Windows XP, playing back on multiple instances of Sound Recorder 32.


Reminiscent of the ‘kick’ music in “Inception”, which was Edith Piaf’s “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” slowed almost beyond recognition.

Director Nolan’s use of Piaf’s signature song sublimely augmented the onion-like layering of “Inception”. DiCaprio’s deceased wife, Mal, was played by Marion Cotillard. Cotillard also played the role of Piaf in the biopic “La Vie En Rose” in which the song featured prominently.


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St Paul at the End of the World - the Boston covers are luscious
Stil recognizable to some extend! I played these for my 14 yr old and he was intrigued


The Windows 2000 startup sounds like it would accompany one of those cable news channel IDs. Perhaps MSNBC.

A vaporwave staple, this.


The '95 one kinda sounds like some of the ambient music in Mass Effect to me.

I was inspired by Brian Eno’s recent “Reflections” release and slowed it down to where it lasts 8 hours, to fill a whole work day.

The tragedy of PaulStretch – the program that everyone uses to do extreme stretches – is that the more you stretch a sound, the more it sounds like every other sound run through PaulStretch. Extreme stretching is more interesting in its lower stretch multiples. That doesn’t mean it can’t make really enjoyable sounds. It’s just kind of a cheap trick at this point.

Bonus Lack-Of-Beats: Björk’s “Notget” takes the delicately arranged overlapping chords and if anything makes them more dramatic and lovely. This 15 minute excerpt only covers the introduction and first few lines of the regular speed original:


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