Winds of Revolution 🔥


Hey all, popping back in after a year of fucking around in other circles physical and virtual.

No joke, between the (selectively anti working class) government shutdown, the increasingly unlivable costs of living, the loss of autonomy and dignity, the rich laughing off conservative taxes and wondering why starving people don’t just get more money, the party leaders punching left and arguing for slow solutions, the fascists popping up around the globe, and the existential climate crisis putting a 10 year timer on all of this, who else feels like it is time to burn this motherfucker down? Not literally, but not far off from literally either.

We’re all going to die sooner than later unless we remove all of the current ruling class from power and change the system to lock them out, and they are absolutely adamant about holding onto it. We’ve been trying reformism for a long time, but our history seems to indicate that here and elsewhere reformism is not able to completely change who holds power. What are we prepared to do when the ruling class is prepared to lie (using the media companies they own, the social media platforms that cater to their advertising, and the “media influencers” they can buy), cheat (with gerrymandering and every legal loophole they can find or every law they can afford to break), and use force (in dollar amounts, in suits carrying badges, and in riot gear) to stop us?

ETA: This is more of a temperature check on unrest than a call to arms. I know it’s impractical and unwise to “just set shit on fire”, but I can’t be the only one that has been feeling like this cannot continue and that we have to do something, right?


When the food runs out perhaps.


I have no problem with some things like serious sabotage, but I would hope that if it came close to revolution, that we were smart about it and targeted those responsible in concentrated fashion, rather than just throwing rocks in the streets.


More likely the water, but I agree.


There have been civil unrest in several countries in the past years: occupy wall street, podemos in Madrid, today we have yellow vests in France. In each case, the protests lasted for several months. I am not aware that they achieved a significant breakthrough. I may be wrong.

I feel that the context of revolutions has changed. I am not quite sure why. Maybe part of the weakness is that nowadays revolutions are organised on networks financed by advertising. The revolution will never by financed by advertising.


Water will be the new Platinum.


I have to add this will also require strong resolve. I can’t remember which CEO or CFO it was, but wasn’t there a moment sometime around the beginning of Occupy Wall Street where a large group of protesters found their way to his house, prepared for a showdown?
He came outside, his wife served refreshments, and he debated bluffed his way out of swift retribution by pretending to be aligned with their interests.


May as well link this old thread here:


Here are some half formed thoughts about what to do about it:
-Do not buy non-essential stuff, none
-Grow as much of your own food as you can
-Do not have kids
-Work towards… fuck it, burn the shit down


“The average Venezuelan lost an average of 11 kilos (24 pounds) in 2017, the result of years of inflation, economic mismanagement and corruption. Venezuela was once the richest petrostate in the region, but in one Caracas supermarket last week, no eggs or bread could be found. A modest basket of water, nuts, cheese, ham and fruit cost $200 US.”

“In Caracas, children scavenge the city’s streets. In one of the capital’s fancier neighborhoods, we met 14-year-old Uzmaria with five or six other children, who rummage through the trash to supplement their families’ diet. “We gather stuff, we beg, a piece of chicken skin to take home,” she said.” -CNN

You want revolution, this is how you get revolution.


Venezuela is the new standard for how not to run a country and throw away a bigger pile of money than the Saudis rake in. It’s staggering to think how corrupt and incompetent you have to be to become essentially a failed state, while sitting on the biggest oil reserves on the planet. Chaves really did a number on the collective psyche of the people it seems, I can’t explain why his heirs are still in power otherwise. It’s the one place in the world where I’d think a revolution would have broken out years ago, yet here we are. Weird in the extreme.


We’re not at the crisis point yet. At the margins of the current ‘empires’ there’s unrest as there’s always been but it’ll take more. The Yellow Vest protests are a good starting point but it must get much worse. Think a quarter of the US population can’t afford even basic food worse. When we reach that point of crisis I think rebellion will be inevitable. The real problem comes when who’s going to try to take over as a result? There’s lots of would be kings among the elite and many of them really do think their farts smell of sweet perfume. So instead of some socialist revolution we might get a “Ten Kingdoms” kind of situation with many fiefdoms spread throughout North America with Canada selectively annexing bits that are more stable like New England (probably under the request of some of the state governors). California and Texas might endure to become their own republics but the rest I expect to turn into a crap hole like my home state of Kansas.

With that said, this is assuming things stay the same but Trump’s election win taught me anything is that things are not fixed in their courses. Many things could or would change even if it just in a minor way. I think some kind of socialist movement will eventually come to the fore but for now it’s mostly social democrats pretending to be socialists (which might dilute the meaning of the word, but it also proves it’s a toothless scare word as well so that’s good imo). But if it’s succeed it must avoid strongmen and other dictators as we’ve seen in the past they simply derail the project of a more equitable society. I think a confederation of socialist and anarchist communes might be possible but like I said earlier all of this is a moving target. Things might go that way or they might blow up and we’re back to square one. In any case, don’t get suckered into violent revolt (agent provocateurs) or anything illegal. Never talk to anyone you don’t know personally about any kind of protests or civil disobedience. And always have some friends that are lawyers whether they’re pro-bono or not you’re going to need them. Also, don’t spoil for a fight under any circumstances (expect one and expect to finish them but never start them or give anyone cause to start one).


And some other factors.


Yeah, any conversation about Venezuela should take into consideration the metagame that’s being played here as it has been in any other country the US deems unfriendly to corporate control:

ETA Boots Riley is the director of “Sorry to Bother You”, and he has been on fire for the past month and I am here for it.


Thank you, that was a good read. I’m sorry to see it petered out so quickly.


Yeah well, that pretty much always happens here. The general political mindset, at least among the USians who comprise most commenters here, is liberal, Democratic, centrist, moderate, “pragmatic,” etc. And rarely much to the left of that.


It’s such a shitshow, keep the current kleptocratic dictator or fall back into the arms of an old fashioned right wing elite… not a choice I care to make.


Sean Illing

The very last thing you say in the book is that millennials will have to become either fascists or revolutionaries. Is the choice really that binary? Are you convinced revolution is the only answer, knowing all that that implies?

Malcolm Harris

Yes, is the very simple answer. It’s not for me to say what must be done, but people can look at the world and decide for themselves. What I can tell you now is that we appear to be running out of options for reform.


Until there’s a generational turn over
of those in power,
It is primarily a waiting game .
The geezers clutching the
Levers of Power
won’t let go willingly,
until it’s taken from their cold
dead hands.
Thank God humans have
Term Limits.


I don’t agree… we’ve been believing that since the 60s, that young people will have a more progressive point of view. That’s not necessarily the case. Plenty of young white reactionary men supported Trump in the most recently election for example. It’s not the geezers that are the problem… it’s a much more complicated set of problems related to various kinds of privilege.