Winner of Kindle Paperwhite signed by Hugh Howey


Fixative that mofo STAT. Tech Guy Leo Laporte signed my phone in paint pen only for it to rub off… which is why I got it engraved before it disappeared.

Nerdcred 2.0

I can’t get over how Kindle Paperwhite sounds like Kindle paperweight. Which is what my kindle would be seven or eight times over if it wasn’t for Amazon’s return policy.


Is that a Triforce in his signature?

Hugh is absolutely one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. It was awesome to have him join us at the hack day and Ingenuity.

We had the same thing. Laurie Anderson Signed a “Wall Street” gray power-book for us in the mid 90’s.

The Signature eventually dried up and flaked off…it was with a black sharpie pen.

It seems that there’s a electrostatic action over time for inks and paints on plastics. That make it flake off and turn to dust over time.

One wonders if the name “Paperwhite”, which reads so closely to the much more commonly used “paperweight” is some sort of weird prognostication about where the Kindle is ultimately going to end up?

I don’t claim to know anything special about the Kindle, or even enough to have a valid opinion about whether it is “lousy”, or “great”. All I know is that when I read the name, my brain registered “paperweight”, which seems a whole lot like the way we referred to AOL CDs and their ilk as “coasters” in the 1990s.

It’s the international radioactive hazard symbol. You can Google it, but I’m too lazy to provide a LINK.

The Second Wool compilation got a price cut when the third was released so I jumped on it and was all set to start reading, but then Scott Cramer sent me an advanced reader copy of the second in his Toucan Trilogy so I’m actually more excited to start that. Post-disaster trilogies, you don’t get any for ages and then there’s a FLOOD!!!

I slay me.

I love the eInk technology, but I fear that single-purpose readers like the Kindle will ultimately get left behind in favor of multi-purpose tablets. I’d be very sad to see that happen, because the eInk is much easier on my peepers than an actively lit screen (and a battery charge lasts much, much longer than that of a tablet), but I don’t know if the market will ultimately support having both.

Yes. This exactly! Did nobody in the marketing meeting go “Hey guys, wait a sec…”?

I came here to say the exact same thing…What marketing genius agreed to this?

To their target market a Paperwhite is a beautiful flower that arrives early in the spring and has an aroma that some like and others find too medicinal. The narcissus bulb is easy to force and can be grown indoors with some sun for the first flowers of the season.

The sense memory of the fragrance of those flowers totally overwhelms any thought of failure for me, and I am among those who don’t like it.

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