Winner of prestigious photo competition admits image was generated by AI

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Good on him for not accepting the award, I guess?

(that’s the only nice thing I could think of to say)


The image got the narrow depth of field effect right to achieve the vintage look, but there are two competing areas in focus: the face of the foreground woman, and the face of the background woman. But of course AI will take no time to learn that’s not desirable.

I’m already not liking how the ubiquity of AI will, at a minimum, be a bummer as it robs me of that sense of wonderment or curiosity while I ponder an image, and the enjoyment of that feeling. And perhaps I’ll eventually be trained to doub everything I see, and that will replace what should’ve been basic interest. Neato.


At least one of those fingers certainly doesn’t look quite right. I would have thought that photographic judges would be on the alert for weird AI-generated hands these days, but of course being overly-vigilant will probably sweep up a few real people who just happen to have unique hands and fingers, so I dunno.


I just want to say that the title of this post is rather misleading. According to the info you linked to he was upfront about the fact that it was an AI image and tried to get the organization to accept that fact from the beginning.

Your title sounds like he was caught and had to fess up, which is the opposite of the content of the article. Just a little too click-baity for boingboing.


So, photo competition judges didn’t pick up on the woman having two right hands (amongst the other weirdness)?


What are the exceptional qualities of this “photograph” that make it worthy of winning this competition? The article is all about “OMG an AI image won!” but there’s no explanation of why it won.


All of the fingernails look wrong. If the lowest nail in the right corner is a thumb, whose is it? And if it isn’t, the hand is still misplaced to belong to either woman.


Yes and I found it disappointing that fellow commenters responded as though they didn’t read or didn’t comprehend. He’s making a strikingly good case for AI as a creative tool and the future it’s creating in expression.


Did nobody on the prize committee look at the fingers?


Saving face?

How on earth did the supposed professionals in the judging panel not notice that there are two in-focus planes in the image and at the very least it had to be a composite?

(It’s also a terrible image).


Oh gimme a break, the last several years nothing has felt right.

Reality is coming apart at the seams and you think you pulled a fast one by taking advantage of it.

Someone said cheeky monkey?

late late show fist shake GIF

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There are parts of three non-persons in the image.

You can hear the creator describing the image, motivation and process here at 1:23:xx

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