Winter Olympics wipeout GIFs




You know, deep down, that’s why we watch the Winter Olympics. We are just waiting for someone to slip and fall.


Oh man those flips over the moguls are ghoulish.


oof, who takes pleasure in watching these? i’m certain that the one woman snowboarder who broker her helmet was unconscious for a bit as she flopped like a rag doll down that slope. that she got up and rode the rest of the way down just stuns me. and some of the skiing ones are just horrific.


Don’t want to sound like an old-timer here, but it’s hard to beat the “Agony of Defeat” wipeout from ABC’s Wide World of Sports.


Oh the agony of… Norway’s curling pants.


LOL, my favorite was this video:


Someone needs to do one of these of Cory typing.


I wouldn’t say I find it pleasurable, but it gives context to the rest of the runs that appear so flawless. It’s not easy, it’s actually really dangerous and this is a reminder.


Came here to say this. Instead, I can link it! YAY!


ok, i get that. it does underscore the skill involved, for sure. but man, this is just a page of wincing for me, haha


I always felt that was a little creepy. The guy’s name is Vinko Bogataj. They continued the competition when they shouldn’t have because heavy snow had made the ramp too fast. He realized that and was trying to slow down to stop by lowering his center of gravity when he lost control. He suffered a concussion and such a case of nerves that he was never again competitive in international sports.

How nice of ABC to exploit someone’s career-ending accident for bucks.


Not only is it emotionally wrenching… Here are some of my favorites.

I would call that a mixed message.


Somewhere, a motivational speaker is currently adding these to their “Even Winners Fail” section.


Just the other we were wondering if that poor man was the “agony of defeat” w/regard to ski-jumping, what an incident of similar magnitude be for curling. I jokingly said “fives of people lost toes from an errant stone.”

I may not have been far off the mark.


I always suspected I was Olympic material - Just need to move to a smaller country and bring a boatload of cash.


I don’t know, his Wikipedia bio doesn’t make it sound so bad. The bit about being invited to the 20th anniversary celebration of Wide World of Sports is pretty amusing.




scrolls to the top again


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