Watch every Team USA gold medal win in less than two minutes


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i don’t know how many times i’ve watched that curling video this past weekend, but it blows me away EVERY. TIME. so amazing, and i don’t know anything about curling! i think what also makes it so emotional to watch is the whole underdog story behind it – they were the team of rejects from the sport, and they end up crushing it at the olympics. so cool. all the medalists are so inspiring, but there’s something about a bunch of middle-aged guys with working-class jobs achieving this that really feels awesome.


I was visiting a friend up in MSP a few years ago and insisted we take the family to a curling rink – he’s a serious winter sports guy but had never curled. Took 1 hour lesson, hurt muscles I didn’t know I had, and generally had a fantastic time. It’s crazy hard to do that motion, but they also have a stick you can push it with if you are a rank beginner. If you can find the time, do it. There’s also a lot of post-ice drinking, if that’s your thing.


Helps with those sore muscles.


Curling aside, it seems there’s an abundance of medals for sports that involve spinning around in the air.


is it less than two minutes because they didn’t win a lot of medals?? (we lost curling and hockey, 2018 giant meteor, just end it!)


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