“Wire Cutters,” a wonderful short film on the rough lives of off-world robot miners

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Absolutely lovely. There seems to be no information on what software he used to model, animate or render with though. I’d love to know these details.


Dammit! Now my face has got wet.


The [link] at the bottom of the page is invalid.

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Ever since Sintel, I hesitate to watch these beautiful shorts because it seems like so many of the story writers insistent on making them depressing as hell.

All these sad short films and violent short films certainly leaves the door wide open for some funny short films.

A little late, but here.

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very well made…and a great story…

BUT…don’t these droids have a call home function for repair and collecting the material when full?
seems like that would be pretty crucial or else the company that deployed them would lose valuable assets and never be able to collect the extracted resources.

Not to mention that the machine that got picked up by the chute weighed more then the little cart it was originally tethered to.

The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Fables very often don’t make sense logistically. It’s the moral, not the realism, that matters in this case.

i suppose if a flawed fable were the only kind then we could resign ourselves to accept this is how it must be, doesn’t mean we cannot comment on the flaws or how the story falls short and can be made better.

Which is why I said “very often” and “in this case.”

Ah, but if it’s funny, it isn’t Art. I guess.

Anyway, this one’s a couple years old, but still quite fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE7VzlLtp-4

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