The magic of movie miniatures via the Slice of Life fan film

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Pretty mesmerizing & also a great use of junk! I want this guy to go through my recycling.


I’ve always been a huge fan of miniature work. As a kid, that was what I wanted to do as an eventual job. But it’s interesting to see how the gap between miniature work and 3D rendering has shrunk, in terms of appearance. 3D rendering can now pretty much create scenes like this; improved lighting models and volumetric effects in 3D software, even free software like Blender, have made it increasingly indistinguishable. Watching these videos I’m thinking about the weeks of work that went into building, shooting and compositing (and how much of the end result was about purely digital aspects of compositing), and how I’ve seen similar scenes created entirely virtually that supposedly took no more than a day to make, render and composite.

I know even in recent movies miniature work was used for some (central) effects, but I wonder how much longer miniature work will still be around, outside hobby projects like this, and in what roles.


Sudden realization: Blade Runner has great potential as a procedural cop drama TV series. Screw movies; do entire seasons focusing on different facets and characters of its lush world, maybe using a stable of 2-3 rotating cops, or even young Deckard if you want a single main character. Why doesn’t this exist already? Hell, if Altered Carbon can find success as a series, surely so can freaking Blade Runner.

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So long as KW Jeter writes the scripts, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter, yes.

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