Wirecutter and Sweethome purchased by New York Times in "more than $30 million" deal


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/10/24/wirecutter-and-sweethome-purch.html


Well, I hope that the quality stays there. Luckily it wasn’t purchased by something like Samsung or whatever, so I guess there’s a chance? I do love both of those sites. :frowning:


Wirecutter turns shitty now?


Definitely well deserved…


Oi jeebus! I initially failed to read the “by” in the headline and was all like WTF?!


Not bad for a dude that lives out of a van. It’s a good site and probably a solid acquisition.

Looks like Brian can upgrade to a motor home, now.



The NYT has $30 million dollars?


So how long before it goes behind a paywall?


That’s a shame. I really enjoyed those sites. Where should we head now? Lifehacker is already going down the tubes.


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