Wirecutter recommends a wire cutter

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I don’t think this is a grand conspiracy theory or anything, but I have found Wirecutter’s reviews less reliable than pre-NYT acquisition. Maybe it’s different people doing them, but a lot of times the comment section / etc have a lot of problems with the top pick or suggest pretty good alternatives.


I tend to agree on both points (recommendation quality and lack of conspiracy). That said, I do still generally trust that Wirecutter’s recommendation will be a good product, even if it is not necessarily the best.


I have Channellock pliers - specifically a Linesman, a Diagonal Cutter, and a Long Needlenose, so I am not prejudice against their product by any means. But I could name half a dozen brands with better pliers if you really would like to get a decent pair of pliers. Try:

NWS (often sold under other brands - notably Irwin Vicegrip here in the US)


Yeah, same. For example, I got their recommendation for a standing desk and it’s been great! I ended up getting two more for the house and recommending it to others.

I carry a 6" pair of Knipex pliers wrenches and their 77 01 130 diagonal cutters in their pouch on my belt at all times. Both at amazing tools.

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If I recall correctly, this was Wirecutter’s 2016 April Fools entry.

I mean, it’s a real recommendation article; the joke was just that the recommendation site called Wirecutter finally reviewed wirecutters after several years of operation.

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the Irwin cutters in the article were not rebranded NWS - these are.

They have Knipex and Bahco in the review, the Bahco gets an “Also Great” mention.

What’s interesting is that the reasoning for recommending the Channellock over the Knipex seems to come down to slightly diminished cutting capacity (amount, not strength) in the Knipex (cutting 12/2 NM cable), even though the Knipex tested better with cutting a nail.

Also, if you want raw cutting power, the Knipex come in up to 10" lengths.

I do generally like Wirecutter, but I have a hard time trusting any “best of” site that uses affiliate links. It’s far too likely it’s “best on Amazon” rather than the actual best.

This is basically what I came to say. I do like reading their recommendations, but I keep in mind that it’s really the best stuff they could get a commission on.

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No Felco? tsk, tsk.

If they really want to get meta, they should do a review of the best tool review sites.

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