Searching for the best wire stripper

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I heard an anecdote about a techie who got chewed out by his boss for inappropriate internet use at work after the firewall flagged him for searching for “ideal strippers” on company time.


I need to be able to strip wire around smashable, scratchable, and shatterable glass objects. The automatic wirestrippers look like they might save me from my own awkwardness.

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I am so glad I saw this. I’ve owned the Irwin self-adjusting stripper for a year or so. I’ve always had trouble using it. It came with no instructions and I had no idea that the yellow plastic thing was a strip gauge. I’ve been putting the wire in so that it goes over the strip gauge instead of adjusting it (I had no idea it was adjustable). I just tested it out and it works flawlessly when used correctly.


Between BoingBoing Store and Cool Tools suggestions I rarely need to look anywhere else.
This one will cost me.

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TLDR: Boingboing ranks the best strippers.

I can’t wait


Might I also recommend The Wirecutter website for recommendations on many things? Including, of course, a wire cutter (originally posted on April Fool’s day, after much complaining over the years that despite their name they hadn’t yet reviewed such an item)

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I’m stripping right now!


I’ve owned and used the same RadioShack wire-stripping pliers for 20 years.
Similar to these:

And they are utter pieces of shit. I hate them… I seriously need to invest in something better.

Edit: The same Irwin pliers recommended here are $40 on… Damn it…

I have a self-adjusting one of the ‘vise grip’ style top-rated here, and while it’s great it shares a major annoyance with all of this style: the stripped insulation is somehow magnetically attracted to the die and must be painstakingly dislodged after every strip. I end up hammering them on the bench. Major PITA.

Somewhere I have a RadioShack Self-Adjusting Vise-Grip Wire Stripper, gosh I think it’s 16th years old. Hmm it’s claims it’s a Kronus, guessing that was the Radio Shack brand.

It never did do as good as a job as just normal wire strippers, grip always felt loose.

Good to know that was because I had a low quality tool.

These wire strippers are junk. I bought them they are not what they say they are. Do not like them. As a certified electrician I would stick with Klien. I gave these a try? Very disappointing. C-

Those self-adjusting Vise-Grip wire strippers are going to nick the wire every time. If you want automagic, stick to the type with a die-cutter.

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The best wire strippers are now, and will always be klein’s diagonal cutting pliers. Once you get the feeling for appropriate pressure, you’ll never go back.

Here you go!


I’ve been using this style of stripper for so long that I sometimes forget that people still have to use the old crappy “vaguely sharp holes drilled in a set of useless pliers” style things. The ones I have are from a different company (and over 10 years old) but use the same design. makes some pretty good stuff:

Especially if you are using the expensive teflon wire.

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