Discount code for self-adjusting wire strippers

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I’ve got a set of these and very happy with them. I suspect it’s a white label product since I see the same design under different brands.

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Once I got my finger stuck in a tool like this. There was no emergency release, and it looked like the only way out was through. Luckily I got real serious about pulling my finger back out without another click of the ratcheting mechanism, and I made it without taking my fingertip off. Almost a cautionary tale, but luckily I escaped without injury so I didn’t have to learn anything.


Many of the reviews on that Amazon page are clearly for products other than this pair of strippers. I wonder what the actual star rating would be if it included only the reviews that are for the advertised product.

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My cousin is an electrician and one summer when I was 13-14 he paid me 40 bucks a day to come clean up after he’d install for a housing development plus I got to keep any wire trimmings to recycle. I had a pair of trimmers just like these and I’m sure I made more off the recycling than my cousin paid.


Well, stripped to the bone at least.


The cutting edges on these usually engage at a depth that is based on the fact that the insulation is softer than the conductor. If the ratchet isn’t easily accessible a chunk of thin sheet metal ripped from a soda can could be shimmed between flesh and blade and then the action may complete reasonably safely.
(Y Everything MV)

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Don’t use the crimper on this tool for anything you care about.

This is the best article on crimping on the internet:


Yes! :hugs:

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