Good deal on flush-cut wire cutter


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I love these. I picked up a pair at a hamfest over a decade ago and they were about warn out when I found out that the local Fry’s carries them. They have them on sale for $1.99 from time to time. The regular price is $3.99, so the price in this article is a bit high, but if you don’t have a local store that carries them, it’s not a bad option.


These are not ESD safe. Don’t go clipping off your Arduino leads unless you buy their ESD version. Warning: the ESD version of these cutters do not look nearly as cool.


So i should keep using that pair of toenail clippers I’ve got on my desk, right?


Ordered two! Not the 2 pack, but 2 of the 1 pack. Much better than the toenail clippers I was using last night to trim some wires.


So these work on toenails, right?


I work at home where I keep the humidity in the ESD safe region plus there’s such a thing as ESD apropriate handling. :slight_smile:


I prefer the xuron cutters. Xuron 170-II Micro-Shear Flush Cutter

Their blades are ground a little differently so when you trim solder leads off circuit boards they don’t end up sharp. Twice as much but still under $9.

Bonus they are made in the USA. Saco Maine


Well duh! But be advised that they do not offer electrical static discharge protection to your toenails.


If I could only get back the decades I spent trying to flush cut wires without these things. In retrospect it was the shift from buying electronics supplies at radio shack (where I never remember seeing these, at least decades ago) to buying over the internet. The long tail cuts my tails short.


Well dang it, was hoping to finally get shed of my nickname, “Sparky”. :wink:


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