Awesome nail clippers


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Ah the art of the humble brag. Well played.


I noticed my fingernails looked too long for polite company.
But then I remembered it was just Martha Stewart, so I continued on my way.

When I returned home I got out my super cheap WEN dremel-like tool and trimmed my nails.
Is there nothing that Dremel knock-off can’t do? Everyone needs one.
It’s on sale on Amazon right now!




The notion “everything in moderation” could hardly be truer in regards to something midway between “bodega” clippers and this fancy product. Check your local grocery or drugstore.


$15 nail clippers are not very fancy in the scheme of things. I was at a CVS a few months ago and they were trying to charge several times that much for TWEEZERS, which I promptly returned to the rack and exchanged for a cheaper pair that was still probably $8 or $10.


Scissors on my Leatherman Wave. That tool can do ANYTHING!


Oh thank God! We are saved!


“Awesome” and “nail clippers” never, ever belong together.

But simply looking at the picture, these appear to have a 3.5mm jack socket. So that’s perhaps how they qualify?


I am afflicted (#blessed?) with crazy-strong nails. I have about a 50% success rate with off-the-shelf clippers working at all and about a 1% success rate with clippers that work really well.


Were they Zircon encrusted tweezers?


“… my extra thick toenails.”

I’ll bet you are/were the type to loudly fart during church services and/or public proceedings.



I wonder if the “well” part gets cancelled out in some way since Martha Stewart is involved.


They look like something someone would buy because of how “clever” they look. I’m not seeing anything in the design that suggests they’re actually going to work any better than normal ones. So meh, I’m not buying it (literally).


The quality of tweezers might not matter if you are just plucking hairs, but in my hobby (model building) the multiple ~$40 tweezers I bought are far superior, even necessary.


These were very much in the personal care section. For plucking hairs. I thought close to $30 was a bit much.


Who pays $7-8 for cheap nail clippers?


TMI alert