Tweezerman hangnail clippers

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These work great, and their more general shape means I can use them for all sorts of craft needs.


Hangnails bother me so much that when I get one, I can’t think of anything else until I get rid of it.

I think that counts as over-sharing.

Damn. I could have used this last week.

I agree, terminating hangnails with expedience is a high priority, and having a suitable implement on hand is important to do a proper blood-free job of it. But I manage pretty well with a teeny-tiny pair of sharp, standard concave nail clippers. These look pretty nice, though.

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Hangnails bother me so much that when I get one, I can’t think of anything else until I get rid of it.

Not even that sweet coconut opener? Or those amazing ice cube makers or whatever? Cthulhu-themed drones that serve up wifi signals with truffle salt? I bet that got your attention!


I am similarly bothered by hangnails, but I don’t believe in clipping them. It is not recommended practice, but I use fine tweezers to pull them straight out, which causes that part of the nail bed to bleed. I can minimize it somewhat by pre-soaking them in hot water.

I noticed that if I don’t drink enough water, I get hangnails, so stay hydrated, not just on the outside (using moisturiser), but also on the inside (have something to drink — If you feel the slightest thirsty, quench it with water before you move on to enjoy other beverages).

Preventative measures like this will reduce the amount of times you need to dig into your toiletry bag for that tool, but yeah, it’s nice to have one,

no one here super glues them back down?


Mark, since you’re a ‘maker’, don’t you have small flush-cut wire cutters?

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Is it true that all you have to do is say “Tweezerman” 3 times while looking in a mirror to get these added to your Amazon wishlist?


Is it still a hangnail on your toes?

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Yep, my wife just saved me with these.

Just came across these for anyone who is interested. They are sold as fishing line clippers. the selection of tools looks to be PERFECT for hangnails. flush clipper, file, safety cutter, pick.

Figured it was worth a try for only $4.95 on AliExpress which includes free shipping to north america.

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