Best hangnail clippers

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brilliant - - ordered

Does the TSA have an issue with these?

I never misplace them when I need them.


Thank you for sharing your insights on hangnail clipping. Few bloggers whom I follow share my interest in this topic. When my friends mention hangnail or binder clipping, I will recommend BB to them as the best blog dedicated to these topics.

Best hangnail clippers?
Nearest small beveled side cutter!


Just had a hangnail today by coincidence.

THEREFORE, it must be fate.

You just got a sale!

Using some of my March Madness winnings, #humblebrag very much.

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Why am I just finding out about this now? Good timing, as I was just wondering if there was something better for that.

Not gold, doesn’t say “Trump”.

Can’t be the best.

Can confirm. These are the best hangnail clippers. They get even the tiniest hangnail nubbins that are too tiny for regular clippers.


The scissors with the Swiss army knife work very well.

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Having access to a Shopbot Desktop CNC, I just load a 1/8” flat end mill, zero the tool on the hangnail, fire up the spindle to a moderate 5000 rpm, and press “go” …


Looks like you’ve got some mild enamel hypoplasia going on there. I’d up your vitamin A and D intake.

Apparently the guy who founded Tweezerman is a bit of an eccentric who took it upon himself to try bringing peace to Iraq in 2007 despite a total lack of relevant knowledge or experience. Didn’t take. He makes some good tweezers though.


Well, Mr. Stock photo guy should anyways.

I am deeply concerned about dental anonymity on the internet.


I own a pair of these and they are in fact the bomb-diggity.

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