One of the greatest things ever made: the Tweezerman hangnail clipper

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Lately I use a scalpel for this sort of thing. And because it is useful for many other tasks, I carry it everywhere in my pocket (except on planes, of course).

But it might not work well for people with small fingers.


Some lovable things about Tweezerman:

  • high quality steel tools that keep their edge
  • originally American owned, American staffed, tools made in America (now maybe it is German-owned?)
  • treats workers fairly and equitably; socially responsible and sustainable company
  • was a member of Co-op America, which rebranded some years back as Green America:

Onebox is not displaying what I need… I don’t see the article text, so here’s a few lines from the link about Tweezerman’s previous owner–and founder–Dal LaManga:

Dal certainly could have retired after selling his company, Tweezerman, for a reported $57 million in 2004. Instead, he decided to take the helm of IceStone, a company which uses recycled glass to make durable surfaces. He did this even despite the fact that when he took over, IceStone was losing $250,000 per month.

What turned the tables was Dal’s philosophy that employees should be empowered as key stakeholders for the company they work for. Upon taking over at IceStone, this article reports, one of Dal’s very first moves was to persuade all of the company’s shareholders to give 10% equity to IceStone’s 40 employees.

As Dal himself describes, “I embedded employees in every level of decision making…I knew from my experience at Tweezerman that by really empowering employees, giving them responsibilities, paying them living wages…their mindsets will change. This is not just a job–it becomes something they own.”

That should give you an idea of how the managerial style and worker relations at Tweezerman during his watch; Tweezerman is now owned by Zwilling Beauty Group.

All values are considered in the operation of our company: customers, employees, community, and environment. We operate a sustainable business and care for our workers and our neighbors. We make sure that our products, processes and competitive sourcing don’t harm the environment or the people who work for our vendors. Tweezerman became a signatory to the UN Global Compact in March 2002. The Compact’s 10 principles, (which set standards for business practices in the areas of human rights, labor rights and environmental sustainability), have guided our efforts in providing a safe, healthy and positive working environment for our employees, while also being friendly to the environment. We have been working diligently to take environmentally positive steps towards global sustainability as part of our Second Bottom Line initiative. A move to solar power will undoubtedly brighten this very important aspect of our business model moving forward. Tweezerman will source clean, renewable energy and reduce energy costs.

Disclosure: some companies I work(ed) for also are members of Green America.


I’m obviously regressing terribly in my old age. Every time I see “Tweezerman” I hear a whole song to the old TV Spiderman tune, and when you wrote “Dal LaManga” I wondered whether he was the Man With the Golden Tweezers.


Yeah we know…

Also here…


Bonus fun fact about about Tweezerman guy Dal LaMagna: while apparently a very sweet guy, he’s also a bit of a nut who decided he was the right guy to bring peace to Iraq… and just went ahead and sent himself on a diplomatic mission there despite having zero relevant experience. So no shortage of chutzpah on this dude!

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I’m beginning to wonder if Mark needs to get some ‘help’ to deal with his hangnail ‘issues’.


Wow, had no idea.

I am an infrequent listener to and behind on This American Life(s). And this one was in 2007. Aye carumba.

Thanks for posting!

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This doesn’t look like it has a cutting edge. It looks more like angled tweezers.

Oh, y’mean like this?

If we can get a Spiderman-Tweezerman spinoff IRL, I need my brows shaped. My personal grooming during the pandemic has been haphazard at best.

I’d like the tweezer-wielding superhero to come to our door, web-slinging, web-swinging, and if possible, minimally radioactive.

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Well, he can trim a nail, any size. Tweeze the hairs o’er the eyes. Look out! Here comes the Tweezerman.


As someone who had to have their toenails removed after untreated hangnails went very wrong…he probably needs to see a doctor if he’s having that much of an issue!

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