Tweezerman hangnail clipper gets to the root


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Tweezerman is SOOOOO overpriced -especially for India or Pakistan made. If you want to go with overpriced, do it right and get some performance for your money.


yikes! $140 tweezers?


Mark is just trolling now.

Give it up, man. Enough with the shilling.


Obligatory… The Hangnail


Interesting story on the guy who got rich inventing the original “Tweezerman” tweezers and how he decided to spend his retirement:


Damn, I hope I never get a “power hangnail”, sounds painful!


I thought the Geneva Convention outlawed these?


Puts up post about clippers, shows picture of tweezers…


Tweezerman? Tweezerman. Does whatever a tweezer can.


Thanks for invoking the ‘Spiderpig’ earworm, man!


It’s called sharing.


Meh. I’ll stick with my teeth, thankyouverymuch


The 'Frank Reynolds Toe Knife 'is much cheaper and more versatile


Also, the Frank Reynolds Toe Knife is not just a one use gadget. I believe it works great, as well, for cutting cheese.


Most everybody will be familiar with cuticle nippers, which come from the nail care section of the beauty section of the drugstore. I don’t mean those cheap things that come in travellers’ emergency kits from a vending machine at the airport. The things I mean come in blister packs that typically say “Revlon”. The business end is angled very much like the tweezerman. I’ve purchased hundreds of these things over my lifetime, at typically $15 - $20 a pop because they become nonfunctional if they aren’t like-new sharp. And they lose that like-new sharpness pretty quick. And I’ve never found a way to sharpen them!

Can the Tweezerman be sharpened?


Yes, they do it for free if you ship your implements to them.


The Tweezerman, or the standard cuticle nipper? Or both?


Tweezerman implements.


Thank you so very much, Magdalene. Blowing most of a twenty on a new, sharp pair of nippers has been a rock in my shoe all my adult life, and I’m no spring chicken. Fuller rises and tips hat.