These wide-jaw clippers are a pleasure to use

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I’ll vouch for their effectiveness, they’re really great. And it comes in a nifty cylindrical case with a cloth bag. But beware, the cutting edge is wide, curved, very sharp, and there’s a lot of leverage in the handle.

Because of this, it has gained the nickname “The Devourer of Toes.” I run about a 30% chance of drawing blood when using it.


I have to say, they work damn well.

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FWIW, these are the same ones, just with a different label, and is STILL at Amazon’s lightning deal price for the other one:

So no need to lament about missing that deal.

Cuts thick nails easily, but they are sharp / almost too sharp!

I love these things, I bought them a few years back when bb was plugging them.

Great product (I also bought them based on a BB recommendation), but they are way over-packaged. A cloth bag inside a metal can inside a box.

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