About those supposedly awesome nail clippers

So I finally got back to my office, and the package was waiting.

Inside the Amazon mailer, a nicely designed little paper box.

Inside the box… a neat little silver-colored metal round cylinder container.

Inside the silver metal cylindrical container… a fuzzy silver bag.

And inside of the fuzzy silver bag… Yes, the nail clippers, along with nail file, as shown in the original post:

So here is the verdict…



Definitely the most ragingly hardcore nail clippers I have ever used. These things would probably clip metal.

So not to be too gross, buuuut… Both of my large toenails, one on each foot, have gone to shit. I could probably go on a campaign to maybe sort of fix them, but it would take a lot of time and probably wouldn’t amount to much, because the nail beds themselves are so damaged. Don’t ask how or why, it’s a different sad, sordid tale for each foot.

Needless to say, each has turned more into a tough nasty thick dinosaur claw kind of talon thing. 98% of all clippers I’ve ever used do not:

• Open widely enough to accommodate these monstrosities

• Even if they could open wide enough, they do not provide enough pounds of force, nor are they sharp enough, to do much good.

I’ve actually considered taking a Dremel to these things, no joke.

Well, these new awesome nail clippers… holy crap, I had both of them paired down to little nubs in about two minutes. Zero effort.


So I thought I would post this as a followup. For once, the thing bb is advertising was indeed as-advertised, and a very good value IMHO. The bag and silver cylinder box thing will be perfect for, I dunno, probably weed shit at some point. Or something. So all in all, this purchase was a win!


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