Wireless Bluetooth keyboard for $17


I passed on one of these last month. There appears to be a single manufacturer that makes all these knockoff bluetooth keyboards – they all look alike and none of them support the “ESC” key on Macs.

I paid $9.99 delivered, it’s $10.99 now…

Nice, but I am really in the market for a wired Bluetooth keyboard…


I hate Amazon’s variable-price schemes. Fucking schemers.

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I bought one in China for bottom dollar a couple years ago. I’ve had a lot of issues with using it on my laptop, but it works great with my tablet.

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Your life as a failed comedian isn’t going so bad after all.

so, does the ESC key work on yours, Papasan? any issues? do you use yours with a tablet, a laptop, a desktop?

I shelled out the extra money on a name brand keyboard, so I’d have the ESC key.

I spent over an hour looking for amazon vendors that had a keyboard with an ESC key. If they didn’t say “This keyboard doesn’t have an ESC for Macs” in the description, there would be a lot of 1-star reviews with people cursing that the escape key doesn’t work.

I use that key way too much to do without it.

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ESC key worky worky just fine! It’s the “enhance” voice command that I have the real issues with.

[notice reference to Blade Runner] = Geek Points.

You should be able to find them in the superfluous redundancy department.

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you should let her keep her hand-me-down keyboard… she’s going to be an awesome touch typist

Need Model M keyboards. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or the tautological goods section.

What? My comment was sincere. Are you saying they don’t have variable-price schemes?

Yours was sincere, his was a joke :smile:

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