Logitech's K480 wireless keyboard connects to multiple devices


I would love this beyond all reason IFF:

It had all the keys of a DEC LK201 keyboard (no fskcing stupid giant adding machine plus key).

It had a touchpad or trackball within reach of the right thumb while holding the keyboard one-handed.

It had a left-mouse-click button that could be used while holding the keyboard only with the right hand. A right-mouse-click would be awesome, too, but is not necessary for my undying affection.

Edit: also, I would use the dial all the time, and it seems pointless for Lauren Good to review the product if she hasn’t got any need for its distinguishing feature. If you don’t need the dial just get a logitech diNovo - it has a trackpad.

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Would you really? i suppose the writer was handicapped by the decent integration of IOS into Mac OSX. There’s no need to type on both devices since everything is already synced up.

otoh, there are use cases that she might not have considered. I’ve used my iPad as a third screen-- first screen python code, second screen CAD, third screen-- notes and documentation on whatever I was trying to model in python. Not really sure that a keyboard would be helpful for viewing pdfs, but okay…

I suppose that those few people who really need something like this should be glad that Logitech thinks that the demand is strong enough to release this niche device at a non niche price.

My favourite BT keyboard, the Logitech Tablet KB. Comes in a hard clam-shell that opens up to be a tablet stand.

Sure would! I’d run my ubuntu box, android set-top box, and Win7 media center PC all off the same keyboard. If it had four settings I’d be tempted to use it for my basement server, too. If it had five I could add my Nexus 7! Or one of my cars…

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Sounds like you really need that trackpad, then…

Yeah, logitech makes several nice wireless keyboards with trackpads (I own two different ones) but none of them have this dial thingy. I love the dial thingy concept. I also love logitech’s 2.4Ghz wireless, which has much longer range than bluetooth (but you have to have a USB port for the tiny “unifying receiver”). I hope they come out with a dial thingy for that.

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