Wireless Gramophone yours for $3000


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Design is hard. I’m sure it’s worth every penny, but it does kind of look like a robot sheep made from a giant remembrance day poppy and a cheap kitchen unit.


Every piece of fifties furniture I have lived with had legs that were splayed out at a slight angle. It makes a big difference on the nostalgia trigger effect.


It’s not really a gramophone, is it? It’s just a cosmetic imitation. For three grand, I expect a needle.


Christ, what a bunch of… ah, never mind.


I was thinking the same, i haven’t looked at it closer beyond what BB posted. Maybe it plays vinyl but thus far it just seems like a speaker horn/enclosure.

This actually coincides with a design i’ve been pondering on. Having a 3D printed or lasercut faux gramophone to have some nice patterns and cutouts on it, more as a visual design than a functional design. Too bad i lack the skills for 3D modeling and printing ]:


But it’s featured in Vogue Magazine! It must be good!


O snap, I missed that part.


I want to draw peppa pig on the pink one.


The 50s sideboard my girlfriend just got has straight legs. But. But, it has a trompe l’oeil mirrored cupboard for glasses that spins round to reveal a drinks cabinet.


This sort of thing appears regularly in chumboxes. MOST EXPENSIVE SPEAKERS EVAR! Obviously I don’t have any first hand experience.

Cessaro Omega, apparently. Very Seussian.


And the other.


“possibly the most precocious piece of audio equipment one could spend $3000 on”


Although those wooden block things in @beschizza’s generator are probably more pre(co)cious.

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