Witcher III: The Wild Hunt is coming to Nintendo Switch

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I wonder how different it’ll look, i noticed that the textures looked really rough on the trailer but as long as the overall game experience is good then who cares.

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Obviously running it on a TV, inviting comparisons to playing it on more powerful PC and console hardware, it will suffer. But running on the small screen, I think it will shine. And in either case, as long as the aesthetic alterations don’t damage the impact of the narrative and gameplay,it will definitely be worthwhile play experience, especially for those who otherwise won’t have the chance to try it.

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I don’t think it’s a problem, I don’t intend to buy this for the Switch but I’m certainly glad its coming out on it. Still need to play it myself, I’ll likely end up borrowing my brother’s PS4 copy of the game :smiley:

the game frankly runs better in the lower end settings. There’s a ton of high end physix effects that are not really needed and frankly go unnoticed.

My gaming PC can handle games on ultra settings and most of the time i end up bumping settings way down because i find it doesn’t add much, on some games the over done lighting effects and reflections sometimes end up being super distracting.

Yeah and there’s not a huge increase in fidelity and wiz bang at the top end. If memory serves it runs well and looks damn good on lower settings on surprisingly modest hardware. Its “but does it run Crysis” level reputation as a benchmark for high end hardware is mostly from what it takes to run with everything turned all the way up with all the magic hair settings on on higher resolutions.

I seldom run anything above “High” even when I can. Diminishing returns. It doesn’t look all that much better and its usually not worth it in terms of frame rate and smoothness.

Some people feel like they need to run things at the absolute best settings so they can justify their setup. Personally i don’t care, i just want to play the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Me and big deal videogames, a timeline:

  1. AAA game comes out to rave reviews.
  2. An expansion is released. Another expansion. Then the “final” expansion.
  3. A GOTY edition is released that includes all the above.
  4. GOTY edition goes on ridiculous sale and/or is free with Xbox Live Gold
  5. I download AAA game, finally.
  6. I play it once, get irritated at learning a new control scheme/trying to keep track of story/generally am an old fart about doing something new.
  7. I go back to whatever it was I was doing
  8. Game gets re-released for full price on Switch
  9. I say “oh yeah maybe I should put the 80 hours into beating that already”
  10. I go back to whatever it was I was doing.
  11. Eventual heat death of universe.
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On the dev side there are marketing wins, and potential longevity in designing the game to require more resources at the top settings than the hardware at release can physically provide. So its kind of a vicious cycle.

You give me a basement of 30 frames at anything above “chunky” and I’m generally happy. It doesn’t take much to get that on modern games, and there tends not to be a lot of daylight between “medium with a couple things turned up” and everything maxed until you start to play with high res. So anything else is nice, but I don’t know that its two thousand dollar GPU nice.

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