With Net Neutrality repeal - Er Freedom of Internet Act voted on... now what?


New York Attorny General is filing a motion, a democratic senetor has put forward a bill to kill it, but it’s a democrat people like my family will go ‘oh so it’s a bad thing when we wanted to repeal everything obama’s done but it’s ok now hypocrit libtard’

However other than contact congress and get form answers in return… what do We the People do?


If you’re a lawyer with the chops then join the suit however you can. I’m sure EFF will put together some suit all their own as well since federal courts have ruled ISPs can be regulated per Title II which means the FCC must regulate them as such.


Hey guys I just found the perfect solution to all our problems!

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OK All joking aside one of the top reddit posts right now seems useful. I did not write any of this.

Write to your Government Representatives about Net neutrality

(The brand new) MailMyGov was founded on the idea that a real letter is more effective then a cookie cutter email. MailMyGov lets you send real physical letters to your government reps. We can help you find all your leaders:

federal (White house, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, FCC & more)
state (U.S. Senate, Governors, Treasurers, Attorney General, Controllers & more)
county (Sheriffs, Assessors, District Attorney & more)
and city representatives (Mayors, City Council & more)
…using just your address and send a real snail mail letter without leaving your browser.


Other things you can do to help:

You can visit these sites to obtain information on issues currently being debated in the United States:

(suggest more sites here? msg this bot please with unbiased, non-partisan factual sources only!)
Donate to political advocacy

Set up your favorite political activist orgs as your charity on Amazon Smile
Other websites that help to find your government representatives:


https://democracy.io/#!/ (will send an email on your behalf to your senators.)



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