With Trump's executive order Christmas Eve will be a federal holiday this year

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It’s nice to give employees an extra day off. My only complaint about this is that probably a lot of them would prefer a different day.


Donald who?


One of the most infuriating attacks I’ve seen Republicans level against Joe Biden is circulating a picture of Biden bowing his head in prayer with misleading descriptions implying that he was just an old man falling asleep.

You guys were the one who said you WANTED a President who was a practicing Christian, assholes!


I didn’t know about previous administrations doing half days when the 24th is on Thursday. I imagine many would have taken the other half as vacation so perhaps this isn’t a big deal.

Yes, some other day would be nice - like one between Christmas and NY that we get to take compulsory vacation. At least this year is the best possible DaysOff:VacationDays ratio for us.

We’re a DOE laboratory/FFRDC and we used to get, for at least the 24 years I’ve been there, the 26th off as “Energy Day”. Our contract change generously dropped that and Columbus Day.

Yeah, the way the holidays fall this year means our kids get out of school on Dec. 23rd, which means a week-and-a-half off instead of the usual two that most kids get. (Of course, they’re not physically at school, anyway…)

I don’t recall ever getting Christmas Eve off, as a paid holiday, unless Christmas was on Saturday.

In all of my years of working, I’ve had one employer that gave us MLK Day off, and they only did that for one year. (I’m using a floating holiday for that one.)

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Cratchit: Speaking of work, Mr. Scrooge, tomorrow is Christmas and I was wondering if I could have… a half a day off?

Scrooge: Christmas, eh? Eh… I suppose so. But I’ll dock you half a day’s pay.



I resent them for Columbus day - not that I have any allegiance to the wandering Italian - but it’s very near my birthday and that’s the best time of the year for a road trip. Weather’s still good and no summer crowds. I’d grudgingly swap it for Election Day however!

What a feeble attempt to stir up more “War on Christmas” BS. Sure, it goes against the Establishment Clause, but in a year like this no-one’s going to complain about having an extra paid day off 8 days from now.

Now let’s see if Biden has the guts to follow this up by making Election Day a federal holiday. In fact, let’s see him take the opportunity presented by Il Douche to commit to such an executive order right now.


Happy Holidays to all except the soon to be no longer President.


when everyone’s gone he’ll probably try to get his private security team to change the locks

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Giving federal employees the day off on December 24th, Christmas Eve, is his cannon-fire against substandard religions and atheists

Yup he sure showed us atheists. If he’d also like to give us non-smokers regular smoke breaks during the work day, he’d be showing us even more bigly.


Sure, but an executive order would only affect federal employees, so even if it made a significant difference to civic participation it’d probably be a can of worms politically. An actual law would be better.

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I’m surprised he hasn’t made his birthday a federal holiday. It comes with being put up on Mt. Rushmore, right?


I know right? My company regularly gives us the 24th off, and as a non-christian, I am soooo angry to get a paid day off because of someone else’s religion!

(currently working on having company recognize Rosh Hashanah and Eid al Fitr as paid holidays because diversity and fairness right?)

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Yes, but Biden is Roman Catholic. That’s not a CHRISTIAN!! :open_mouth:


Well, it is a cult.

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