WKRP in Cincinnati's "Turkeys Away"


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WKRP - with more news, and Les Nessman.


A Thanksgiving tradition for me. The bit where Les slowly reads the banner as if he’s unfamiliar with his own station’s call letters is just one small example of the high comedic art at work here.


This is the best scene of any TV show, before or since.




  This never gets old! (Watched it while prepping game hens.)


Thank you, thank you so much for sharing an important holiday tradition. So many good quotes. Don’t touch that. I don’t take dictation. Oh the humanity! As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.


So what percentage of the greatest 25 minutes of television history is it, and where does one find the rest of that 25 minutes?


Richard Sanders (Les) wrote a few episodes – I think Frank Bonner (Herb) directed (and/or wrote) a few. And I guess the Razorbacks mug on Herb’s desk was no coincidence as Bonner’s from Arkansas!

WKRP’s probably my favorite show in the history of TV.


saw that on broadcast when I was a kid - highest form of the sit-com art


There’s no better entertainment than this when putting away pounds of Thanksgiving leftovers.

Thank you Les Nessman!

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