Wolf of Wall Street production assistants say they were forced to pee in bottles, sue studio

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Golden trickle-down economics


Life imitates art, it’s a movie about screwing the little guy…


I have to pee in bottles for work – just delivered 2 liters to them yesterday…

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There are several restroom rules and regulations by OSHA that have been put in place to keep everyone at work by having safe and sanitary restrooms.

The number of available toilets is 1 for every 15 employees. Businesses with more than 150 employees are required to provide 6 toilets with one addition for every 40 employees above that number.
If you have under 15 employees you are not required by OSHA to have separate bathrooms. One unisex bathroom complies with there guidelines. This bathroom must have a locking door.
All restrooms are required to have hot and cold water faucets on the sinks. There must also always be hand soap available for employees to wash up before they go back to work.
Restrooms must be easily accessible to all employees including those with physical disabilities.
The men’s restroom can have urinals available for use as long as there are still regular toilets available. The number of toilets is to be at least two thirds the required amount.

Perhaps Scorsese is a method producer.


Reading the headline, my first thought was that they were suing the company for making them take piss tests, and thinking that that’s something we need to see more often.

Way back in the day when I lived somewhere that I’d routinely get stuck in traffic for hours I keeps a big plastic milk jug in the truck for this very reason. Also kept a funnel for my girlfriend.


Standard PA rate is $200 a day before taxes, or about $160 after federal and CA state income tax, and being that this was a DEEP union job I’m willing to bet that the production company kept a close eye on any overtime after the customary 12 hour day. PA’s get access to the same facilities as the rest of the crew, and can request relief for a “10-1” break at any time over walkie just like any other member of the crew. This whole thing sounds like bullshit.

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That’s about toilets in fixed locations like offices and factories, not portajohns and honeywagons.

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