Woman arrested on drug charges




Is this where we are supposed to point and laugh at someone for being too weird?


Now I understand why they ask you to show up 30 minutes early for an MRI appointment.


I’m struggling to figure out why this post made BB.
Because the woman has facial piercings?


Not TOO weird, the WRONG KIND of weird.


Yes. Not “our” kind of happy mutant, it seems…


You think that’s bad? I heard about a woman in Ocala, Florida who found police in her car!


A. It is Florida. Anyone not wanting their arrests held up as examples of the work of Florida Man & Florida Woman must please proceed to the exit.

B. Cry me a river.


What’s the point to this article?


I thought the point was that she was targeted by cops because of her nonconforming appearance. Although that could also mean her skin color.


That in the Land of the Free you can get into unreasonable problems merely for a joint butt and a ridiculously small number of pills?


I think that should be obvious. To get us to post comments.


She was pulled over because she had her high beams on.
That shit is annoying!

Cops searched her because she just blazed up in the car.
She knew the risks when she sparked it, and was too high or too careless to turn down her high beams.

Should weed be legal?
Hell yes, but you have to go out and vote for it.

Sorry that this lady is now gonna have some legal trouble – the drug laws in this country are totally fucked.
But this is a legit stop with plenty of probable cause for search under the law as its now written, not how we wish it were written.

Oh, and also she has extra holes in her face.


She looks like a Happy Mutant to me.


Good luck with the metal detector at the courthouse when you go in for your arraignment, lady.


Everything in moderation…


Including excess. You need to moderate your moderation with bouts of excess. Otherwise life gets kinda dull.


Yes, good point.


No, Apparently this is where you’re supposed to use ridicule because you perceive someone else might be -also- using it? If so, way to rise above it!


Don’t high beam the cops with a car full of drugs? I’m not sure myself, but the entire thing is a bit ridiculous.