Woman beaten by CHP cop to receive $1.5 million


Yeah, and suddenly the entire police force would have an incentive to intimidate people into not pursuing complaints against any particular officer. What a nightmare that would be.


See? The quotation marks makes it ok.


SWAT police used to mean something quite different (I forgot what it was though)


Swine With A Taser?


Yeah, it seems like people (police included) are more likely to double down on an already bad situation rather than to take their lumps and get on with business. Once they blow through the next ten years lawsuit budget with a complete conspiracy to cover up on cop’s illegal behavior, they will be back to not really caring. Unless they’re all fired and replaced with others who hopefully will have learned from their mistakes.


Yay! You get a bonus for not being a jackbooted thug and breaking the very laws you’re supposed to be enforcing!

I get what you mean, but the very idea of rewarding people for doing exactly what they’re already supposed to be doing (and what is ethically, morally, and legally required of them) is offensive to me.

Maybe if this was structured as “you get 40% of your pay automatically. 60% of everyone’s pay is automatically put into a holding fund until the end of the year, and if no claims are made against the dept as a whole, everyone gets their full paycheck”, I’d be better with this idea. That way these guys and gals would only get the pay they’ve already earned if nobody in their dept. is an ass. You want to make them police themselves, you don’t give them extra if they meet what should be the minimum standard, you penalize them unless it’s met, and not just the offender, but everybody in the dept. That way any “loose cannons” get sat on and babysat by their brethren to ensure that they all get their full pay.

Sure, hand out bonuses if not only do they have no complaints, but if X number of citizens write in letters of thanks etc…


Of course this means that any complaints will be promptly lost.


I do agree that paying a “bonus” for not beating people is a problem. You’ve got a much superior execution plan to what I initially laid out :smile:

I had a seasonal job once upon a long time ago that paid considerably better than minimum wage. But there was a big absenteeism problem. So the pay was structured as minimum wage plus a bonus. If you went a whole pay period (only a week) without any absences, you got a bonus that raised your effective hourly rate up to about 150% of minimum wage.

There is no perfect answer to the problem of police brutality. I was throwing out an idea that I don’t think has been tried. It might not be a good idea when examined in detail, but the current state of affairs is bad enough that any change at all stands a chance of producing positive results.


True, but that’s only if the people you complain to are the police or a group affiliated with them. How about the group you complain to is an independent panel funded by the proposed 60% pay penalty? I know there’d be flaws with that plan as well, but there has got to be some way of having the police be accountable to the people.

If you can figure out a good working system…


So maybe pay cops minimum wage + bonus that would raise the amount to “normal” at the end of the year if there are no dept. complaints…?


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