Historic win for police torture survivors in Chicago



I just know I’m going to wake up in a minute.

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To insure that these shenanigans are not repeated, use the civil asset forfeiture laws to raid the retirement funds of police commander Jon Burge and other noted participants in this scheme to make up the difference between the proposed $20M and the raised $5.5M.

Another outcome is that if their retirement is on the line, the thin blue line will be redrawn by fellow officers to preclude this behavior.


While the monetary compensation might be a bit disappointing, the public school lessons and permanent memorial are huge. The shame and horror of this disgusting abuse of power won’t be swept under the rug.


What ever happened to the implicit threat of a violent public uprising? That always seemed to have worked for the revolutionary middle classes. Wait, social security is based on the same assumption, no? Damnit why aren’t we significantly more violent as a people? Oh yeah. ‘Education’.

I’ve been waiting, to see what sort of posts this thread would attract.

It’s a little disheartening to realize that even here at BB, the salacious threads about all the horrible things being done by people in authority garner hundreds of responses, but if there’s any follow-up, where the perpetrators are actually held to account and real progress is made, there’s barely a handful of posts.

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I guess it must be difficult for people to phrase their happiness at the situation in the form of a complaint. Not for me! :smile:

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Also, Saturday.


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