Merciless reporting on the Chicago Police Department's extortion racket, & the senior officials who covered it up

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I do believe the true reason for such high body camera failure rates for Chicago PD officers has been fully revealed.


Sure, but it’s a small price to pay to keep the Urban Thugs in their place. I think we can all agree that nobody said Law and Order would be pretty. Or legal.

In any event, the police have always been courteous and polite to me and mine, so I choose to disbelieve this story as yet another attempt to smear our boys in blue, no matter how much evidence there is against them, and anyway it’s just a few bad apples. And furthermore…


Chicago is just the most visible department. I suspect this is the case around the nation.


Activate the national guard, declare marshal law in the City of Chicago and detain all Police Officers. Disband the police union, seize the pension fund, and begin tribunal style court proceeding. Military judges and council maybe preferable. Anything is possible when the constitution is merely a piece of paper.


From today’s Baltimore Sun:

Federal prosecutors now charge 18 corrections officers, 35 inmates and 27 others in a scheme in which the officers allegedly took bribes to sneak contraband into [Eastern Correctional Insitute], the state's largest prison.

As in [a previous] 2013 case, some of the officers are accused of having sex with inmates. Others are accused of trying to identify “snitches” who were reporting the misconduct to prison administrators, and directing other inmates to retaliate against them.

Twice in July, prosecutors said, officers directed inmates to stab other inmates, once in retaliation for the targeted inmate filing a complaint against the officer.


Oakland is calling you!


Who will police the police?

I think we’re done with the honor system


Fucking disband their state system and let the feds take over it. The federal system is far more humane. Ask the inmates.

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Forget it, Cory, It’s Chicagoland.


Well, it is hard to argue with the fact that the Chicago PD managed to keep a lot of urban thugs in their place. It’s just that those urban thugs were in blue; and ‘their place’ was ‘on the police force’…


Seems to be the GIF for this thread.

Man, I miss The Shield.

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