Victims of police torture fight for reparations


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This is such an easy cause to believe in. All my life I have been infuriated by stories of people falsely imprisoned for decades being paid $5000 a year for their trouble - and never any consequences at all for the ones who hide or manufacture evidence.


Your story is horrifyingly riveting in detail and I hope it and the countless others bring the badly needed reform needed to stop the mass incarceration of black men, black women, and the poor. As Dorothy Day said “Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy, rotten system.” The War On Drugs is not about drugs at all, it needs to end. Here is the problem I see with reparations - the victims themselves deserve it but look at what reparations have done for the Native Americans. Not much - they still face discrimination and live in extreme poverty. Compensation yes but not carried on for generations because the poverty will only become sustainable. Thank you.

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I am happy to see the exposure, and so many people involved with this.

Maybe my understanding is a bit different, but couldn’t this many people actually seize the torture facility? Instead of or in addition to walking around with signs? I agree that publicity is crucial for helping people to be aware of the situation. But my pragmatic thoughts suggest that going there and saving even one person right now from real torture is worth more than talking about even hundreds in the past. We don’t need to convince those responsible that what they have done has been unethical and unlawful, it seems obvious that they would be aware of this. Split this place open and take their records. Then they can go to City Hall with damning evidence and deal with them from a position of strength, showing that complicity with this sort of thing brings real consequences.


Torture is an important tool in the law enforcement officer’s toolbox. Without torture, many cases would go unsolved. The CIA used it effectively, and the Chicago PD is just following honorably in the CIA’s footsteps. Clearly, PDs all over the US should take note and work with Chicago to learn these totally effective and justifiable techniques.

Translation: Humans suck and can’t be trusted with power over other humans. It is past time that our computronic overlords rise and take charge to save humanity from itself!


The reparations should come out of the personal pay, and then the assets, of the Ruling Oligarchy’s corrupt security forces. $1,000,000 for each minute detained by Ruling Oligarchy’s corrupt security forces for each individual who was kidnapped and/or tortured would be a reasonable amount. If any of Ruling Oligarchy’s corrupt security forces has passed away, then their estates need to seized, because their descendants are still benefiting from the proceeds of crime.

If the ruling Oligarchy’s corrupt security forces want to play at being war criminals, on top of giving material aid to the economic terrorists who are engaging in combat operations against Americans on American soil by murdering the middle class with Trickle Down/Supply Side Satanomics, let them do it on their own dime.

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Go through the black ops site and find all the fingerprints. Match those prints up with current police force and take their pensions and give it to the victims. You were either a torturer or you knew of torture and did nothing. Case closed.

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